A few years ago we had an idea about how to bring a company to the South Plains that could supply Information Technology needs to all sizes of companies with out breaking their bank accounts.  What happens if your network goes down and you do not have anyone on staff that can fix it?  That was the whole concept behind Sine Networks.

We have been in Lubbock for three years now and we have grown in a major way. If you or your business has IT needs but not a budget to hire your own IT staff, give Sine Networks a call and we can present you with custom solutions for your needs.  What if you do have an IT guy, but he can’t solve the solution or is so busy that he can’t fix it?  That is where we can step in as well.  We have hourly and monthly rates, which are extremely competitive.  We also provide a 100% guarantee on all of our work.

 Sine Networks selects Strix Systems for Indoor/Outdoor Wi-Fi Mesh Access